Miscellaneous: Accomodation

Guwahati is considered to be one of the most upmarket destinations in northeastern India, you will find several types of hotels that come in all budgets. Plenty of budget hotels are located on G. S. Road as well as near the railway station.

Luxury hotels can be found at various strategic spots that provide great scenic views of the city and also in close proximity to significant tourist spots. Luxury hotels are available in the range of Rs. 2,500-5000 Rs per night's stay. Some of the luxurious hotels include Hotel Raj Mahal situated near the Guwahati railway station, Dynasty Hotel which also lies near the railway station and Hotel Kiranshree Portico which is located in the Paltan Bazar area. 3 star hotels like Hotel Brahmaputra Ashok is situated on the banks of the river and provides a great view of the river. One can also try Vishwaratna Hotel, Hotel Pragati Manor, Ginger Hotel and Hotel Ambarish which are equally great.

Resorts are also available in Guwahati. The Brahmaputra Jungle resort is on a hillock adjacent to the nearby Amachang Wildlife Sanctuary..

N.B: Accommodation will not be provided by college authority.

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