Call for Contribution: Presentation Guidelines

WACC2014 intends to provide a platform for better interactions among the authors and participants. Some of the features of the (Technical) Paper Presentation Sessions will be:

  1. All the accepted papers have been included in both the (Technical) Paper Presentation Sessions scheduled on 26/09/2014 (03:00PM - 05:00PM) and on 27/09/2014 (01:15PM - 02:45PM).

  2. The authors of each accepted paper will be assigned space for visually presenting their research work on pages of A4 size. This will be in line with Poster Paper Presentation in many other conferences.

    1. Maximum limit will be 6 (six) pages.

    2. The authors will require to upload their visual presentation (in maximum of 6 pages of A4 size) at the Microsoft CMT submission portal (access from here) by 15/09/2014 (Monday).

    3. The Organising committee will print and keep ready the visual presentations so that the authors need not to carry materials.

  3. At least one Author will have to be available to discuss their work with interested participants/ attendees.

  4. In addition, rooms with LCD projector, etc. will be made available for the authors for presenting their work (using PPT) to interested participants/ attendees if feel necessary.